Do Not Remove Safety Stick Until Ready To Throw Fire Bottle

The safety stick, when in pUce, prevents ignition of the fire bottle if it should accidentally be broken.


7. Compress the spring until _

the end with the matches passes ' the slot in the can. Pass the flat stick or piece of metal Matches through slots in can to hold spring in place. This acts as a safety device.

8. Punch many closely spaced small holes between the lines marked on the can to form a striking surface for the matches. Be careful not to seriously deform can.

4.2 Lye-Alcohol Systems

4.3 Soap-Alcohol Systems

4.4 Egg White Systems

4.5 Latex Systems

4.6 Wax Systems

4.7 Animal Blood Systems

Section V No. 4.1 CELLED FLAME FUELS LYE SYSTEMS Lye (also known a« caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide) can be used in combination with powdered rosin or castor oil to gel gaso line for use as a flame fuel which will adhere to target surfaces,

NOTE: This fuel is not suitable for use in the chemical (Sulphuric AcidT type of fire bottle (Section V, No.l). The acid will react with the lye and break down the gel.


Ethyl Alcohol Whiskey


Parts by Volume

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