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The Truth About Knife-Throwing

By Martin Kruse

Throwing knives is an enjoyable way to pass idle time. It's an Interesting and challenging sport,and it's a skill which may save your life in a pinch.But don't count on it Knife throwing is not nearly as efficient a means of dispensing death as paperback novels, television, and movies would lead us to believe.

The fact is, even if you devote the time and effort required to develop the skill, it's of very limited value.

First off, it's strictly a close range proposition. Most men I know get a range of 12-15 feet maximum with any degree of reliability.! know a few men who stick a blade consistently and accurately out to 30 ft. When I hear a man claim he can do any good with a blade beyond that distance.welI,I may not call him a liar, but I sure want to see it before I believe him.

Another thing, your range isn't just limited by a maximum distance. Unless you take the time to develop a high degree of skill and practice regularly,your effectiveness may be limited to one or two specific distances. This is because the knife turns In the air and there are only a few points along it's line of travel at which it will be point first at the target.

The more common throwing techniques cause the knife to turn once every six feet.(It varies with the individua I.I'm planning a slow motion film study on the subject.If I ever get around to It I'll report the findings In the Armorer.) This means that while you may be sudden death at 6 or 12 feet, you're probably S.O.L. from 8 to 10 feet. That's not a favorable prospect for use in combat.

You can improve your odds with practice.however.If you're good at accurately judging distances you may be able to change your throwing style to turn the blade faster or more slowly and thereby increase the span of your effective ranges.

But, throwing a knife is still an iffy proposition at best. The only 'throwing knife' which has a high degree of reliability is the Oriental Shirken or Throwing Star. These wicked little gems are nothing but points and stick no matter how they are turned.AM the thrower need worry about is accuracy. (I also hope to report on the shirken and how they're made and used in a later issue.) This Isn't the case with a conventional blade┬╗however.

I would like to state here and now that in further discussions of edged weapons, any mention of a blade's throwing characteristics is merely an evaluation of the weapon,not an endorsement for using the technique In combat.

Just about any knife can be thrown. The balance point of a knife means very little In most cases.Once you have learned to get the feel of a knife just shift the position of your grip accordingly and you'll be able to stick almost any knife in a target.

Being able to throw a knife is impressive, especially to someone whds tried it a couple of times without success.It's a great way to win a few beers and it may save your ass someday.I've never regretted having taken the trouble to acquire the skill. But at no time should you allow yourself to forget the limitations of this In practical applications. While it is definitely worthwhile to be able to throw any blade which presents itself as a weapon of opportunity, if there is a serious intent to your practice,knlfe selection becomes critical.

Stay away from the so-ca1 led throwing knives that are supposedly made for the purpose.As weapons,they're not worth a tinker's damn and most of them actually don't throw well anyhow. Stilettos and daggers also make poor choices.While they throw nicely,they are generally too light to do much good as an attack stop-pi ng projectile.

For defensive or combat use,It is best to stick with a heavier blade whenever possible. For my money the large Bowies are the best bet. The Marine Corps combat knife is an excellent choice.I believe this represents about the minimum size and heft for a real fighting blade. I consider anything smaller and lighter,in* eluding the ever popular British Fairbairn to be inadequate.They may be fine for a surprise attack where one or two quick thrusts will do the job.But when it comes down to a real brawl , I want something with some heft to it to slash and even cleave bone if necessary.

The Marine Corps knife is also a-bout the largest blade that most people can wear concealed.A butt down underarm carry works well as does positioning it in the center of the back butt down.Depending on where you live you may be able to just strap it on in plain sight as I often do.The respectful looks you'll see on the faces of the street corner punks will enrich your soul and restore your faith in humanity.

These knives possess excellent throwing characteristics and have e-nough weight to give at least some penetration,thereby giving you at least some chance to put your man down. It probably won't do the job, but it is a chance,and If it's the only one you've got, take It!

Where knife throwing is concerned, if you have time to think about it, think of something else.You're probably better off hitting someone with a brick or a good heavy rock. But when al) the bets are on the table, you filay the cards you've got and hope they're good enough.Sometimes all rules of thumb are meaningless. Just act quickly and relentlessly. And stay alivel

If the bastard's about to pull the trigger on you and the knife is in your hand, then have with it,pitch away.Take your best shot and follow through with probably won't take him down,but It may divert his attention long enough to close the distance and kick his head in.

Follow through is important In any knife attack. A simple stab or slash is seldom enough to put an attacker down. Especially a thrown blade which may not have penetrated deeply.

Follow your blade in. (Unless you're one hell of a knife thrower,you111 only be two jumps away.) Jump on the sonofabitch and push the blade in the rest of the way. Then twist it. Or, follow It up with a swift hand-to-hand attack using every dirty trick you know or every weapon at your disposal. Do so regardless of whether your throw went true or not.

Any opening you can create in your opponent's defense (or balk in his attack-which' is actually the same thing) should be exploited with all the fury and force you can muster.

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