Flexible Plate Switch

switch lor electrically initiated explosives, mines and booby This pressure sensitive switch is used tr*Pft- for initiating emplaced mines and explosives. MATERIAL REQUIRED:

Mousetrap °nc aPProxim*tely 10 in* (25 cm) »quare

Hacksaw or File "ne proximately 10 in. x 8 in <20 cm)

Connecting wires ^ Four goft woQd block#H1 irux /in.x 1/4 ifU

Eight flat head nails, 1 in. long Connecting wires Adhesive tape


1. Nail 10 in. x 8 in. metal NAILS sheet to 10 in. square piece of wood so that 1 in. of wood shows on each side of metal. Leave one of the nails sticking up about 1/4 in.

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