Fred Bilello

J_. Using scotch tBpe, make a tube out of a paper grocery bag about 2" long by I" wide. Cut a 1" circle of paper and tape it to one end.

2. Pick and scrape the explosive off of about a thousand stick matches. Add a little water to them and crush them up in a glass ashtray.

3. Pack the tube ful 1 for about

k. Take a 1/*" wood dowel and insert It into the center of the tube. Then pack the rest of the erosive

Some of it will probably stick to the charge. Set it in a warm, dry area and let it dry completely.

This explosive charge will cost about a dollar and its size and shape can be modified to suit your particular job. It should be great for making bombs and as a propel-lant for light artillary and rockets. When utilizing It for a bomb, a booster charge such as gunpowder should be placed in the hole. The device is another step in standardizing your ordinance for mass production.

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