Giant Match

Step 3

Lay the match on the paper, with the match head being about l/V a-bove the striker. Then roll the whole thing into a tube and glue it closed. The tube should be tight enough to hold the match in place, but not tight enough to grip the match. When you pull the string, the match will slide over the striker, ignite, and send a violent jet of flame out of the tube. Your cost is about 3<.

Glue strikers here

This detonator should be inserted in a metal tube and is used in manually detonated mines. If you reverse the match position and lengthen the sticks, it can be used to explode flying bombs. ^ - -

string Step 2

Cut 3 pieces of the striker into 3/V' strips and peel as much of the paper off the back as you can. Then cut a length of paper from the bag about 2 1/2" long and 6" wide. Glue the strikers, side by side, in the middle of the 2 1/2" side of the paper, starting at one side.

contact point

Cutaway view of friction detonator (used to detonate flying bombs)

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