Hole Must Be Centered In Plug

10. Position metal «trap on stock to that top will hit the head of the nail. Attach to stock with wood

screw on each side.

11. String elastic bands from front coupling to notch on each side of the strap.

5. Push nail through plug until pip€ Plug head of nail is flush with square end. Cut nail off at other end 1/16" (. 158 cm) away from plug. Round off end of nail with file.



I. Locate a barrier such as a stone wall or large tree which you can stand behind in case the pistol ruptures when fired.

1/16 in. 2. Mount pistol solidly to a table or other rigid support at least (. 158 cm.) ten feet in front of the barrier.

Study Notes The Digestive Sys

3. Attach a cord to the firing strap on the pistol

6. Bend metal «trap to "U" sha and drill holes for wood screws File two small notches at top.

4. Holding the other end of the cord, go behind the barrier

5. Pull the cord so that the firing strap is held back.

Screw H o 16

6. Release the cord to fire the pistol. (If pistol does not fire shorten the elastic bands or increase their number.)

This dimension to be 2" greater than unassembled length of pipe.

IMPORTANT: Fire at least five rounds from behind the barrier and then re-inspect the pistol before you attempt to hand fire it.

7. Saw or otherwise shape 1" (2. 54 cm) thick hard wood into stock.

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