How To Use Wiredrawing Plates

FEW mechanics, amateur or otherwise, know much about wire-drawing plates, yet these tools are most useful, and once tried, are hard to get along without. They are particularly useful to model makers and in the bng run save considerable time and money.

The plates are made in several styles. With them wires of copper and similar soft metals, and even mild steel, can be made round, square, knife-edged, or half-round. With two plates in the round variety, it is easy to reduce in. wire to 1/64 in. with almost no loss of material and an increase cf length of almost 6.400 pcrccnt. The plates are obtainable at jewelers' supply houses end cost only about $1.50 each. The operation is this: Clamp a plate up-

The wire ia reduced In tire by <3r*winf It through successively smaller holes in the piste, which is clsmpcd upright in a vise

right in a vise, name-face to the front. Sharpen one end of Lhe wire to be drawn, making a long point. Insert the point in a hole small enough to bind, grasp it with pliers, and pull it through, using a smooth, steady force. Repeat with the neit smaller hole, and so on. After being reduced in several holes, the wire will need to be annealed by heating it to redness..

The drawing, it will be noticed, not only rcduces the diameter, but straightens the wire so that there are no local kinks whatever. This in itself is an advantage in most kinds of work. Besides, the exact degree of hardness and stiffness can be obtained to suit the requirements of the work in hand. The principal advantage, however, is that the owner of such plates needs to stock but one or two sizes of the metals he commonly uses as he can quickly make any smaller size necessary.

The usefulness of the plates does not end with shaping, sizing, hardening, and straightening wire. They can be used for making tubing. Simply cut a strip of sheet metal of a width approximately 3 1/7 times the outside diameter of the tube required, snip a taper at one end, bend lengthwise into a shallow trough, and draw like wire to dose the joint.


By Clyde Barrow

$10 mailorder silencers are now available,for your motorcycle, of course. These units may also be used to quiet portable power plants, lawn mowers, ptraips> chainsaws and any o-ther noisy item with a barrel of 3/4' OD or more.

The silencer is formed from welded steel tubing with a flat black painted finish. The body is 7V long and 2" OD. Total silencer length when assembled is 8".

The interior contains a 1" ID perforated steel core and a roll of fiberglass "packing. A spring loaded baffle maintains core alignment and a sturdy snap ring holds the steel endcap 1n place.

The rear mounting area is slotted for easy installation with the hose clamp provided. For a more permanent installation, the unit may be welded 1n place.

The J4R silencer may be disassembled for cleaning or packing replacement. Disassembly requires a pair of snap ring pliers, available from any hardware or auto parts* store.

The $2 replacement kit contains a new baffle spring, perforated core and a piece of yellow fiberglass packing material.

Be sure to specify barrel OD^when ordering.

J I I hot developed a silencing device to be used on expansion chamber». A considerable réduction In the noise level is now possible with no loss in power. The principle of operation is much the same as o gun silencer After much use, the silencer can be easily taken apart for cleaning. After extended usage a replacement kit is available which includes new deadening material and a new perforated core which will bring your silencer back to new operation.

MODfi XC [Black)----------------------------- each $9:95

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