Hydrochloric Acid

GENERATOR by UN I lam Segal

Wien foil is dropped into hydrochloric acid, the result Is a gaseous substance which can effectively clear a room. Occasionally, however, the gas may need to be emitted a short distance, in which case an acid-filled coffee can with foil placed inside, would be of no help.

A simple generator to aid in emitting this gas can be easily and Inexpensively constructed. This generator can be used in instances where the smoke may need to be issued through a ventilation system,through a screen or generally in situations where the gas is to be directed to one certain area.

The materials needed are; a jar, a metal funnel, a small electric motor, one D sire battery, a propeller smaller than the dlanneter of the jar, a tube of desired length (preferably metal , though heavy plastic will do for a limited duration beFore it melts),some hydrochloric acid, and aluminum foil .

First, the jar lid Is cut to shape using tin snips (as shown In drawing). The center strip is cut In the middle and Its ends folded downwards— the gap between the folds should match the diameter of the motor. The pro

pel for Is connected to the shaft and the motor is then inserted between the two metal folds, held In place by wire and electrical tape.

Onto this improvised jar lid is fastened a metal funnel, carefully sealed to avoid gas leakage. A small opening is made between the funnel and lid to allow space for the wires connected to the motor.

The 0 size battery Is taped to the side of the funnel and the motor wires attached to it. A switch Is connected to the wiring and the polar Ity should be such that the propeller

gas and push It out of the tube. If the propeller spins the wrong way,the device's purpose will be <fe»e*ted,

The tube Is then connected to the small, open end of the Funnel and should also be sealed with black tape or epoxy to prevent leaks.

When ready to use, the jar is filled with hydrochloric acid and a wad of aluminum foil is dropped inside. It takes a few moments for the foil to begin creating the smoke, providing ample tin>e for the lid to be tightly screwed on and the propel ler activated.

Depending on the sl2e of the device and the motor's torque, the gas cen reach from three to six feet. This generator would be excellent for bug extermination and, If carried Inconspicuously in a case, for keeping agressive dogs at bay--to say nothing of assailants.

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