It vsill be from Table XIX that, while gas caused 26.75 per cent f all our casualties and 32.63 per cent of nonfatal casualties, only 2.00 |>er cent of the gas casualties died, whereas 25.78 per cent of the nongas casualties died. We may say from this that men wounded by gas had over twelve time* the chancc to escape with their Iixcs than men wounded by other weapons.

This very low death rate from gas, as compared to other weajxms, was also e.\|M»rieiteed by the other principal armies engaged in the gas war. Thus, Rritfch casualty records» show only 1.3 per ccnt deaths from gas as compared to 24.0 percent deaths from nongas weapons: the French had 4.2 per cent deaths from gas as against 32.0 per cent deaths from nongas weapons; while the Germans had 4.5 per cent deaths from gas as against 36.5 i>er cent deaths from nongas weapon* Plate 1).

Not only were the deaths from gas comparatively low, but the per-eentage of thro* permanently put out of action bv ga* was equally low. This Is indicated by the number of discharges for disability from battle injuries by various military agents, as shown in Table XX«

From Tit Mr XX it will be seen that gas caused only 11.3 l>cr cent of the total discbarges fur disability, while it was responsible for 75 j»er er»nt of all casualties, and 32.55 per cent of all nonfatal casualties (see Table XIX). Dividing the number discharged for disability from each military agent, as indicated in Table XX, by the number of nonfatal casualties from each agent, as given in Table XVIII, we find the per cent of discharges among the casualties from the principal agents as follows:

4 jwr cent vf those wounded hv nlicll wenr dim-hat Red fui disability.

21 9 per cent of those wounded by nflo halls were discharged for disability.

17 3 |h>t cent of wounded by alirapncl were discharged for disability.

I0.fi per wiit of those wounded by gunshot missiles were discharged for disability.

7 0 per cent of those wounded by gas were discharged for disability.


rremch casualties


8RITISH CASUALTIES On Tronc#) w0r10 war


Plate 1.—Gm and nongn» cnsualti*» in tbo World Wnr.

Table XX.—Discharges foh Disability and Days Lost in Hospital in A.E.F.

from Various Military Agents*

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