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Knives 17, from files 77, throwing 46 Lathe 6

Launcher, rocket 25, grenade 81 Machine pistols 74 Magazine as weapon 20 Measuring 26 Metal, to blacken 8 Mine, claymore 40, contact 78, detonator 84, placing 77 Missle, homemade 48 Mortars 18, 24 Ninja tools 20 Nunchaku 8 Pistol, plastic 37

Powder, explode with electricity 6 Reloading 82

Scissors, small weapon 14

Scope mount 60, 62

Shotgun, slug 36, special ammo 27, water pipe 47 Silencers 10, 11, 14, 22, 33, 41,

57, 58, 63, end cap 35 Speargun, legal Spearguns 31 Submachineguns 64-, 72 Switches 9 Targets 6, 28 Vice, hand 62 Wire drawing 21

Edward L. Allen's system of Jiu-Jitsu (Now known as Judo) is one of the oldest and most basic of the martial arts. This course is the simplest, designed for the rank amateur with no previous experience in any sort of combat. It was taught in this manner to America's service men. The idea, from the Army's point of view, was to train them fast and get them to the front. It obviously worked, as many reports came back from the Pacific that in hand-to-hand encounters with the Japanese, the good big man was better than the good little man.

As was necessary in those days, this course is without frills or ceremony. Just get in there and take the man out as quickly as possible. And this is what you want, at least to start with.

When the moves in this basic course are mastered, you can handle just about any situation which might put you at risk. Later, if you want to go professional, you will find it much easier to adapt to any of the more complex martial arts.

I would suggest, at first, you make an agreement with a friend to spend at least two hours a day in practice for one month. This is all the time it should take you both to master this course. Then, you and your partner will be proficient enough to start a school. There is a pressing need for this course among all classes of our population. Most people who feel a need to protect themselves from muggers and such simply don't have the time or the inclination to go higher. This is your market.

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