built and equipped a modest laboratory of his own. The earliest printed account of nitroglycerin appears in a letter which Sobrero wrote to Pelouze and which Pelouze caused to be published in Ulnstitut of February 15,1847. In the same month Sobrero presented to the Academy of Torino a paper, Sopra alcuni nuovi composti julminanti ottenuti col mezzo dell'azione delVacido

Figure 51. Ascanio Sobrero (1812-1888). First prepared nitroglycerin, nitromannite, and nitrolactose, 1846-1847.

nitrico 8ulle sostanze organicke vegetali, in which he described nitroglycerin, nitromannite, and nitrated lactose. Later in the year he presented another paper, Sulla Glicerina Fulminante o Piroglycerina, before the chemistry section of the Ninth Italian Scientific Congress at Venice.

Sobrero found that, if concentrated nitric acid or strong mixed acid is added to glycerin, a violent reaction ensues and red fumes

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