explosives that are quite as necessary as TNT for military purposes.

Effects of Substituents on Explosive Strength

Bomb experiments show that trinitrobenzene is the most powerful explosive among the nitrated aromatic hydrocarbons. One methyl group, as in TNT, reduces its strength; two, as in TNX, reduce it further ; and three, as in trinitromesitylene, still further yet. The amino and the hydroxyl groups have less effect than the methyl group; indeed, two hydroxyl groups have less effect than one methyl—and trinitroresorcinol is a stronger explosive than TNT, though weaker than TNB. TNT is stronger than trinitro-cresol, which differs from it in having an hydroxyl group. The figures given below were determined by exploding the materials, i

loaded at the density indicated, in a small bomb, and measuring the pressure by means of a piston and obturator. Density of loading is grams of explosive per cubic centimeter of bomb capacity.

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