Section IV

FIRE BOTTLE LAUNCHER A device using 2 items (shotgun and chemical fire bottle) that caa be uaed to atart or place a fire 80 yards (72 metera) from launcher. MATERIAL REQUIRED:

Standard 12 gauge or Improvised shotgun (Section III, No. 2) Improvised fire bottle (Section V, No. 1)

METHOD I - If Improvised Shotgun la Used:

1. Drill hole la canter of wood block approximately 1 la. <2-1/2 cm) deep. Hole should have approximately the aame diameter as the wooden stick.

2 Small Holea

2. Drill 2 small holes on opposite aldea of the wooden block. Hole ahould be large enough for bolts to pasa through.

3. Faaten can to block with nuts and bolts.

NOTE: Can may also be aecurely fastened to block by hammering several nails through can and block. Do not drill holea, and be careful not to apllt wood.

4. Place wooden atick into bole in wooden block. Drill small hole (same diameter as that of 3 in. nail) through wooden block and through wooden stick. Insert nail in hole.

Wooden Stick

Wooden Stick


Wooden Block


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