Enlarge the hole In the washers to

Cut the 9/32 inch brass tubing to eight inches long. Remove the burrs from the ends with a file, knife, or piece of sandpaper.

Ten of the twelve washers are now slipped over the 9/32 inch tube. The front washer (end cap) should be flush with the front end of the tubing. The rear washer is placed one inch from the rear of the tube. The remaining sight washers are spaced equally between the front and rear. Solder all ten washers in flace.

Drill two rows of four 1/16 Inch holes between each set of washers. Drill completely through the tube. This will result In four rows of four, a total of sixteen holes between each baffle. Remove any burrs or metal chips from the interior of the tube with a thin file or a rolled up piece of sandpaper.

Step 6

Step 6

Install the baffle asseml into

Install the baffle asseml into

»bly the outer tube. The front baffle (end cap) should be recessed about 1/16 inch. The spaces between the washers may be filled with steel wool or rolls of brass screen before installing in the outbt tube. This is optional as there is some disagreement about the value of these materials as baffling devices. Solder the baffle assembly in place.

Step 7

The two remaining wasners are used as the mounting assembly. The front washer is modified to slip over the barrel and rest at a point directly behind the front sight base. This requires reaming, drilling or filing out the hole to match the diameter of the barrel at this point. A cut out is made in the washer lo allow it to slip past the sight base. The washer is now slipped over the barrel and turned 180 deg. If the above was done properly, the washer will be held from forward movement by the sight base. The taper of the barrel will prevent it from moving to the rear._

With the front mount washer W place on the barrel, slip the silencer onto the gun as far as possible. The gun's muzzle will be resting against the rear end of the silencer's inner brass tube. The silencer is now moved forward one inch. This creates a two inch chamber between the muzzle and the rear baffle. This space Is necessary for the Initial expansion of gas as it leaves the muzzle. Place a mark on thd barrel that corresponds to the rear edge of the silencer tube. Align the silencer with the bore of the gun. This may be done visually or with a tight fitting stick. When the unit is aligned, place a C clamp around the silencer directly over the front mount washer and tighten the C clamp in place. Remove 1he silencer from the barrel. Take care not to disturb the position of the washer In the tube. This washer is now soldered in place to the silencer interior. Remove the C clamp.

Step 9




The rear washer is now notched and drilled until it will alide onto the gun and come to rest at a point 1/16 inches in. front of the mark on the barrel- This washer doesn't lock onto anything, Itr functions as a rear support only. Slide the silencer over the barrel and onto the rear washer. It should extend 1/16 inch beyond the waaher. Solder the washer to the silencer. The completed silencer/mount Assembly can now be installed and removed in rf^-

If for some reason the silencer is not In correct alignment when installed, 11 may be adjusted. Clamp the gun Into a padded viae. Sight down the silencer and bend it Into proper alignment while heating the soldered joints of the two mount wMhera. .

Improvised Silencer Mount

This device can be used to mount a commercial or Improvised silencer, attaching it firmly to the barrel of the weapon and maintaining perfect alignment with the bore.

The Mount can be used with several sizes of sllenpers and is designed for quick installation and removal. It is made from a metal or hard plastic tube 1*1 112 inches inside diameter and about 9 inches long.

Four 1 inch deep hacksaw cuts are made in each end of the tube. This will produce 8 evenly spaced slots, 1 inch deep. Bevel the inside edgea of both ends of the tube with a round file or sandpaper. Plaoe a hose clamp on each end of the tube and screw down finger tight.

The barrel is now wrapped with black plastic electrieal tape at 2 points, the first directly behind the front sight and the second about 5 inches behind the muzzle. On barrels shorter than 5 inches, the tape iB

wrapped at the rear of the barrel. Continue to wrap the tape until both rolls are a snug fit when the tube is pushed onto the barrel.

Slide the mount tube onto the barrel until the rear clamp is directly over the rear roil of the tape. Tighten the rear clamp with a penny or screwdriver. The tube is now In almost perfect alignment with the barrel.

The silencer is-now taped In two places until it Is also a snug fit In the tube. The front clamp should correspond to the front roll of tape on the silencer.

This mount will not interfere with the slight pattern on a scoped rifle, but sights must be Installed for use on a handgun.

Sights may be fabricated from metal or plastic and soldered or epoxyed In place. Ready made commercial sights may also be used.

When the mount la completed It may be blued, painted, or covered with black plastic tape.

See finished silencer next page.

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