to make it completely homogeneous. It was rolled into thin sheets which were cut with a knife or scissors into the desired shape and size. The use of nitrostarch instead of part of the nitrocellulose, and the addition of pulverized chlorate or picratc in various proportions, were also mentioned in the patent.

Ficub« 72. Paul Vieille (1854-1034). Inventor of poudre B, the fiist progressive-burning smokeless powder, 1884. Author of classic researches on erosion. Secretary and later, as successor to Berthelot, President of the French Powder and Explosives Commission.

1889. Nobel soon discovered that the use of soluble nitrocellulose made it possible to manufacture ballistite without using camphor or any other solvent. The nitroglycerin and soluble nitrocellulose were brought together under water. As soon as the nitroglycerin had been absorbed by the nitrocellulose, the mass was heated to 80° to complete the gelatinization, and was then rolled and cut up in the usual way. In an alternative process the gelatinization was hastened by using more nitroglycerin than was

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