THIS is an effective way to take care of one attempting to hit you with their left hand. As you easily swing them up and throw them to the floor you are so much in command of the situation that it fees within your power to let them down fairly gently or to smash them down so hard that it is unlikely they will try to get up at once. In either case you can easily keep them down.

This rtwmb<?r ¡1 01 eosy to use as it looks to be in the** pictures. If you hove the proper sequence of movement* firmly fixed «1 your mind the octuol application is not difficult.

While it is shown here as a defeat» against a left-bond blow it is equally effective against a right.

You should always toe ready for any type of attack. If you are not. a surprise offensive cotching

make the grip as tight as is possible for you. Moke It as closo to his neck as you con.

At the same moment that you kicked hit leg you thoved backward against his arm ond shoulder.

Raise his orm as high in the air as you can reach ond also keep ¡t fully extended

Down he'll go. flol on his bock, and if you put a little extra push against him

which will keep him off balance ond out of position to resist effectively.

as he is going down he'll land with enough force to be disabled, at leasl temporarily.

you off guard can be just as disastrous !o you as you intend it to be to your opponent.

You have reached forward with your left leg until it is well behind his left log.

Some of the ölder Jiu-Jitsu numbers included instonces in which YOU, intentionally, also feil to the ground.

Block the blow with the knife edge of your right hand and then obtain a grip on his left wrist.

Now with your left heel kick the calf of the assailant's leg. I said "kick" and do it hard!

I definitely will not let my students use numbers which even momentarily place themselves in such dangerous positions.

in in

With your left hand hold the attacker's shoulder. Don't merely use his shoulder as a resting place for your hand—

A shove won't do the job, but the kick will really take his legs out from under him as he is already off balance.

Jiu-jitsu hcis succi >sful defenses for every aitock and I allow the use of only those which control the various situations with the most speed and Icost bother 1o the operator.

After blocking the left hand blow you hold your man's wrist and shoulder and raise his arm high in the air to throw him off balance. Then a solid kick with your left heel against his left leg and he is thrown to the ground.

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