Association. He did not apply for an English patent in his own name but communicated his process to John Taylor of Adelphi, Middlesex, who was granted English patent 11,407, dated October 8, 1846, for "Improvements in the Manufacture of Explosive Compounds, communicated to me from a certain foreigner residing abroad/' He entered into an agreement for three years with Messrs. John Hall & Sons of Faversham that they should have the sole right in England to manufacture guncotton by'his process and in return should pay him one-third of the net profit with a minimum of £1000 down and the same each year. The first factory for the manufacture of guncotton was erected at Faversham. On July 14, 1847, within less than a year, the factory was

Figure 61. Rudolf Bottger (1806-1887). (Courtesy E. Berl.) Professor at Frankfort-on-the-Main. Discovered guncotton independently of Schon-bein but somewhat later, in the same year, 1846. He also invented matches, and made important studies on the poisoning of platinum catalysts. Reproduced from original in KekuIS's portrait album.

destroyed by an explosion with the loss of twenty-one lives. After this, Messrs. John Hall & Sons refused to continue the manu-

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