5. Crumple paper and place in bottom of can. Place another piece of paper around fire bottle and insert in can. Use enough paper so that bottle will fit snugly.

Crumpled Paper


6. Place safety fuse and black powder on paper. Tie each end with string.

Black Powder

7. Thread fuse through hole in plug. Place powder package in rear of shotgun. Screw plug finger tight into coupling.

NOTE. Hole in plug may have to be enlarged for fuse.

Black Powder Pipe Plug Package

Safety Fuse

8. Insert rag into front of shotgun. Pack rag against powder package with stick. USE CAUTION.

METHOD II - If Standard Shotgun is Used;

1. Follow Steps 1 and 2, Shotgun Grenade Launcher, Section IV, No. 2.

2. Follow procedure of Method I, Steps 1-5.

3. Follow Steps 9, 10, 11, Shotgun Grenade Launcher. Section IV, No. 2, using 1/3 of total propellant instead of 1/2.

4. Load cartridge in gun.


CAUTION: Severe burns may result if botde shatters when iired. If possible, obtain a bottle Identical to that being used as the fire botde. Fill about 2/3 full of water and fire as above. If bottle shatters when fired instead of being launched intact, use s different type of bottle.

Section IV

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