NOTE: If time delay is used for Improvised Grenade Launchers (Section IV, No. 5) -

1. Wrap tape around safety fuse.

2. Securely tape fuse to grenade.

3. Load grenade in launcher. Grenade will explode in approximately 12 seconds after safety fuse burns up to bottom of grenade.

Grenade is now

12 Sec Burning Time from this Point

A simple modification con produce delays of approximately 20 seconds for grenades when fired from Grenade Launchers (Section IV. No. 5) MATERIAL REQUIRED:

Grenade Nail

"Strike-anywhere" matches, 6 to 8 Pliers (may not be needed) Knife or sharp cutting edge Piece of wood Safety fuse

NOTE: Any safety or improvised fuse may be used. However, since different time delays will result, determine the burning rate of the fuse first.



1. Unscrew fuse mechanism from body of grenade and remove. Pliers may have to be used.

2. Insert nail completely through safety hole (hole over primer).


CAUTION: Use extreme care - sudden shock may set off detonator.



Fuse Mechanism (Pin, Spring and Striker Removed)

6. Fire primer by hitting nail placed against top of it. Remove fired primer (same as procedure 5 of Section VI, No. 11).

CAUTION: Do not hold assembly in your hand during above operation,] as serious bums may result.

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