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rial which composes the burnt head of the match has become thoroughly heated, it is extinguished by shaking, and the burnt head is then touched to the heap of nitrosoguanidine. The nitrosoguanidine explodes with a zishing sound and with a cloud of gray smoke, but with no visible flash whatsoever. The place on the hand where the nitrosoguanidine was fired will perhaps itch slightly, and the next day will perhaps show a slight rash and peeling of the skin. There is no sensation of being burned, and the explosion is so rapid that the hand remains steady and makes no reflex movement.


Ethylenedinitramine, m.p. 174-176° with decomposition, is produced when dinitroethyleneurea is refluxed with water, or it may be prepared directly, without isolating this intermediate, by the nitration of ethyleneurea with mixed acid.

Figure 90. Ethylenedinitramine Crystals (60X).


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