dismounted place rifle, if unslung, between knees so that the butt is off the ground; bend forward smartly and insert the left thumb under the pad of the hear! harness; grasp the headpiece with right hand (Fig. 127-1).

Fig. 124.—To ndjust the facepiece by the numbers. (1) Position nl the command GAH. (2) Position at the command TWO. (3) Position at the command THREE. M> Position nt the command FOUR. (5) Position at the command FIVE.

(1) (2) Pi«. 127.—To remove the mask. (1) Position at the command at ila* nminisiiid "Mnuk."

Remove." (2) Position

At the command "Mask," lift the headpiece with right hand sufficiently lo remove head harness, which is carried over the head with a forward circular motion of the left hand stretching the elastic fabric only enough to allow the head harness to pass over the head. The mask is retained by the thumb and forefinger of the left hand and held in front of the body. At the same time replace headpiece with right hand (Fig. 127-2).

(5) To Replace the Mask.—1. Replace, 2. MASK. At the command Replace," grasp the faccpicce in right hand, palm up, and hold with

Mlges of faccpicce turned upward, the fingers under the left eyepiece and thumb under the right eyepiece. With the left hand, place head-harness pad inside the faeepiece just above the eyepieces. With left hand, open flap of carrier (Fig. 128). At the command "Mask," feed and slide the corrugated tube into the bottom of the carrier with the left hand until the angle tube has passed the carrier entrance, then, with the right band, turn the edges of the faccpicce toward the back of the carrier and push the facepiece into the upper empty part of the carrier about, the hose. With both hands, fasten the flap of the carrier on both snap fasteners,

5-V.i i he top of the flap on the inner or rear snap fastener. If mounted, take the reins. If dismounted, take position of "Train arms."

(6) To Unsling the Mask.-— 1. Unsling, 2. MASK. At the command " Mask," unfasten the body straps with both hands and then the shoulder strap with both hands. The mask is retained in the left hand by grasping the metal hook of the carrier just above the flap.

(7) To Prepare for Mask Inspection.—The mask being in the slung position, the command is: PREPARE FOR MASK INSPECTION.

Fig. 128.—To replace the roa«k. Position nl fhc command "Replace."

Fig. 129.—To prepare the mask for inspection. Position at tho command "Prepare for musk inspection."

Fig. 128.—To replace the roa«k. Position nl fhc command "Replace."

Fig. 129.—To prepare the mask for inspection. Position at tho command "Prepare for musk inspection."

Place rifle (if unslung) between knees so that butt is off the ground. Unsling mask. Open flap of carrier and take out complete mask, including canister. Hold carrier in left hand and canister, with facepiece hanging downward, in right hand (Fig. 129).

(8) Masklnspiclion by the Xutubers,—Being prepared for mask inspection: 1. By the numbers, 2. Ins|>ect, 3. MASK. Free right hand by holding canister in left arm pit, the hose and faccpicce hanging over upper left arm (Fig. 130-1). Examine the sling and the exterior and interior of the carrier in turn to insure that there are no defective or missing parts; that all parts are securely fastened in place; that the body of the carrier contains an antidim tube and is free from holes, tears, and rips.

TWO. Fasten the hook and clasp of the shoulder sling together. •Slip the left arm through the sling and allow the carrier to hang from over the left shoulder, at the same time removing the mask therefrom by

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