then that tetracene is more brisant—and presumably explodes with a greater velocity of detonation—when initiated by fulminate or tetryl than when self-initiated by fire.

Tetracene is easily dead-pressed, its self-acceleration is low, and it is not suitable for use alone as an initiating explosive.

Figure 104. Tctracene Crystals (150X).

It is as efficient as fulminate only if it is externally initiated. It is used in detonators cither initiated by another primary explosive and functioning as an intermediate booster or mixed with another primary explosive to increase the sensitivity of the latter to flame or heat. A recent patent recommends the use of a mixture of tetracene and lead azide in explosive rivets. Tetracene is used in primer caps where as little as 2% in the composition results in an improved uniformity of percussion sensitivity.

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