mixture, is treated with ice-cold nitrating acid prepared by mixing 20 cc. of fuming nitric acid (1.50) with 10 cc. of concentrated sulfuric acid (1.84). After the evolution of red fumed has stopped, the mixture is heated for 1 hour in the boiling-water bath, cooled, and drowned in 300 cc. of cracked ice and water. The precipitate, collected on a filter, rinsed with water for the removal of acid, and recrystallized from water, yields about 6 grams of /3-nitroguanidine, about 25% of the theory.

Saturated solutions of nitroguanidine in sulfuric acid of various concentrations contain the amounts indicated below.

Nitroguanidine (Grams) per Concentration ok 100 cc.

15 030 055

Nitroguanidine on reduction is converted first into nitroso-guanidine and then into aminoguanidine (or guanylhydrazine). The latter substance is used in the explosives industry for the preparation of tetracene. In organic chemical research it finds use because of the fact that it reacts readily with aldehydes and ketones to form products which yield crystalline and easily characterized nitrates.

Nltrofumldlao ^

C^-J £N-NH-C(NH)-NH, tQ.__H* \^An»inotfu*nl<llno


Preparation of Benzcdaminoguanidine Nitrate (Benzaldehyde Guanyl-

hydrazone Nitrate). Twenty-six grams of zinc dust and 10.4 grains of nitroguanidine are introduced into a 300-cc. Erlenmeyer flask, 150 cc.

of water is added, then 42 cc. of glacial acetic acid at such a rate that the temperature of the mixture does not rise above 40°. The liquid at first turns yellow because of the formation of nitrosoguanidine but

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