The original Italian mask was somewhat similar to the French M2 type. This was soon discarded for the British Small Box Respirator which the Italians adopted for their troops during the war

Fio. 114.—French Tiesot gns mask.

The Russian wartime gas mask (see Fig. 115) consisted of a headpiece which covered the head including the ears. It was connected directly to a canister box supported on the chest. The canister contained charcoal only. This mask had neither mouthpiece* nor nose clip, but was still uncomfortable to wear.

I'pon entry of the I'ttUvtl #Stote* in the war, the War Department adopted the British Small Box Kcs-pirator (see Fiji. Ill), considering it the best of Kuropean masks which had been developed. However, in view of the then extensive use of mustard gas which necessitated the wearing of the mask for long periods of time, it was ear/y realized by the American Gas Service that the uncomfortable iuoulhpiece and nose clip of the British tv|>e of mask should

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