ANOTHER WAY to successfully cope with a choker is to use the wrist k throw. With his hands at your throat it is not difficult to grasp one of them in both hands and with a quick twist throw him to the ground or break his wrist if you act even faster than he can fall. I say "can fall" because truthfully he tries to get down at once to ease the unbearable pain in his wrist.

Thii numhff shows yog another use of the wrist throw which you first encountered in the defense against pushing.

You can work upon your attackecfs right or left arm with equal certainty of success.

If you choose to throw him to yaur left, as above.

ond your fingers in the palm of hift hond.

Bend forward ond far to tho right, helping to throw your opponent off balance, and to goin momentum for your next move.

This exerts tremendous leverage on hit orm and wrist joint and inflicts so much pain thcH it cannot be withstood.

If It could be endured and the man attempted to strike you or break owoy

Reach owoy over hit right wmt so thot you grasp ki-y-^^ti

reach with your Ufl hand 1o' hi* right hand which ¡1 for iHe moment of your throat.

feu* r«ght hand hat reinforced your left on the victim'» hand with finger* ii% palm, thumb an both»

the additional previure you could eat-rty and instantly oppiy would injur» his wrist severely»


Reach owoy over hit right wmt so thot you grasp ki-y-^^ti

At you come up and to your left you ore exerting strong ptettur* on tho nervet In tho back of his hand

When he falls he wilt spin around tn on attempt to straighten out the twitted arm.

mm —| 1 i-1- —

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