Standard semi and full jacketed hollow point ammo is the basis for the Velex load. The hollow point bullets are redrilled until the cavity is 3/16" in diameter. The hole extends to the base of the copper jacket. This enlarged cavity is filled with what appears to be Pyro-dex, a modern black powder substitute. It may be conventional black powder, however.

The detonator (discriminating impact fuse) is a brass cup 3/16'k3/16V The wall thickness is about half that of a conventional primer. The interior of the cap is coated with a shock sensitive explosive, probably the same composition found in toy pistol caps (Pottasium Chlorate, Red Phosphorus and Black Antimony Sulfide). The volume used is also about that of a toy cap. The cup is seated open end to the rear and is recessed about

1/32" from the front edge of the bullet. This recess prevents the round from detonating on auto pistol feed ramps.

A thick layer of red sealant, possibly laquer, is used to seal the cup from moisture, and is also intended to act as an impact buffer.

1/32" recess sealer priming compound primer cup powder

^copper jacket lead core

The few test rounds 1 was able to obtain, 45 ACP and 380 auto, were fired into large pink grapefruits.In each case the Velex detonated and the bullet mushroomed to approx. twice it's original diameter. We'll present an indepth look at Velex in a future issue after more extensive testing is completed.

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