which filters out irritant-smoke particles. Inspired air enters the canister through a one-way valve in the bottom called the inlet witw. From there it is drawn first through the smoke filter where solid and liquid particles, if present, are separated out. The air then passes to the interior of the chemical container where the toxic vapors are adsorbed by the charcoal or neutralized by the soda lime. The purified air passes out of the canister through a metal-elbow fitting at the top connected to the hose tube.

The hose, tube (see Fig. 118) is a corrugated tube of rubber covered with stockinette. It serves to conduct the purified air from the canister to the faeepieee. The corrugations of the tula' prevent it from collapsing or kinking and thus shutting off the flow of air.

The carrier (see Fig. 118) is a somewhat irregular-shaped satchel made of olive-drab canvas provided with adjustable shoulder and waist straps. It is carried at the left side, under the arm, the shoulder strap fitting over the right shoulder. The opening covered by a flap held in place by snap fasteners is at the front. The carrier not

Fig. Army diaphragm «a* on|y jjerv«^ for convenient carriage of the mu»k, , • i% i ■

mask but protects it, especially the canister, from moisture and other harm. The mask is adjusted to the face from lhe earner without change of the position of the carrier as was necessary with the wartime type.

Inside the carrier is a small cylindrical tin box containing a stick of -oaplike substance, culled the antidim compound, and a piece of cloth. When applied to the inner surfaces of the eyepieces and rubl>ed to a thin layer with a cloth this compound forms a transparent film over the glass Mirfaces which aids in preventing them from becoming fogged. The uiihdim container is held in place by a loop of fabric from which it can readily Ik* detached when needed.

Special Masks

Thf Diaphragm Mnxi: 110) isi e<jw»/>iMlly designed tn iw«nt the requirements of personnel of the Army whose duties make ease in talking essential. The mask is identical with the service mask except for the i'accpiecc which includes a diaphragm to facilitate the transmission of the -onnd of the voice. Instead of the angle tube as used in the Army service

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