branch line squarely against the length of the column of TNT, and so provoke its detonation. If the explosive wave were traveling from the branch against the main line (as laid), it would

Fioures 3, 4, 5,'g, and 7. Method of Connecting a Branch to a Mam Line of Cordeau. (Courtesy Ensign-Bickford Company.) Ficrae 3. Slitting the Branch Line. Ficubk A. The Slit End Open. Ficum 5. The Main Line in Place. Figure Winding the Splieo. Ficutus 7. The Finished Junction.

strike across the column of TNT and would shatter it, but would be less likely to make it explode. For connecting a branch line of Primacord, it is satisfactory to make a half hitch of the end around the main line.

A circle of detonating fuse around a tree will rapidly strip off a belt of heavy bark, a device which is sometimes useful in the

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