nitromethane trinitrate gives a poorer potassium iodide 65.5°

heat test than nitroglycerin. Naoum are tabulated below.

reports the data which

Tbimethylol-nitsomethanb Nitro-trinitrate glycerin

Trauil test: 75% kieaelguhr dynamite 325 cc. 305 cc.

93% blasting gelatin 580 cc. 600 cc.

Nitropentanone and Related Substances

Cyclopentanone and cyclohexanone contain four active hydrogen atoms and condense with formaldehyde to form substances which contain four —CH2—OH groups. The latter may be converted directly into explosive tetranitrates or they may be reduced, the carbonyl groups yielding secondary alcohol groups, and the products then may be nitrated to pentanitrates.


TetfamethylolcyclopenUnooe tetnmitratc

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