4. Load cartridge in gun.

5. Follow step 5 of Method I.

6. Using a fuse with at least a 10 second delay, light the fuse before firing.

7. Fire when the fuse burns to 1/2 its original length.


Heavy cardboard container with inside diameter of 2-1 '2 to 3 in. (3-1/2 to 8 cm) and at least-fri in. |30 cm» long lammunition container is suitable) Black powder • M grams (124 grains) or less Safety or improvised fuse (Section VI, No. 7)

Grenade (Improvised hand grenade, Section U, No. 1 may be used)

Rag, approximately 30 in. x 24 in. (73 cm x GO cm»


CACTION: rt grams of black powder yield the maximum ranges. Do not use more than this amount. See Improvised Scale, Section VII, No. for measuring.

PROCEDURE: METHOD 1 - If Standard Grenade is Used.

Top of Container

1. Discard lop of container. Make small hole in bottom.



2. Place black powder in paper. Tic end with string so contents cannot fall out. Place package in container.


Black Powder Package

3. Insert rag wadding into container. Pack tightly with CAUTION.

4. Measure off a length of fuse that will give the desired delay. Thread this through hole in bottom of container so that it penetrates into the black powder package.

NOTE: If improvised fuse is used, be sure fuse fits loosely through hole in bottom of container.

Fuse Rag Wadding /

3. Hold grenade safety lever and-carefully withdraw safety pin from grenade. Insert grenade into container, lever end first.

Black Powder Package

CAUTION: If grenade safety lever should be released for any reason, grenade will explode after normal delav time.

6. Bury container about 6 in. (13 cm) in the ground at 30' angle, bringing fuse up alongside container. Pack groundjigblly around container.

CAUTION: The tightly packed dirt helps to hold I he lube tog«tb«r during the firing. Do not fire unless at least th« bottom half of lh« container is buried in solidly packed dirt.

METHOD II - If Improvised Pipe Hand Grenade is Used. I. Follow step I of above procedure.

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