hose clamp fiberglass packing endcap


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SuvAi 90. Hondo CT70, Svxvki 90/125 GifKir, 90 MX

Vomoho Uory DTI|, Early Suzuki 250

Yomohe I ?5MX, Y awl ho 1GCMX. Sjwkl TM250

Hodoko 100. Honda CI00. 10i. 110, S90, C190, SL90. C200, CT90 Suxuki

Mo¿alto 100 Supor Rol. Yomotw 250, 300. RTl-MX. DT1 MX, 71 Groovot 250

KflwOMk) 250, »W, ce. Cl. SHOO. ce. a, »25. 160. SII75. Sujwki TM400 350, 360. 400, 501

Buftoco 250. 360. Mmimb 250. Honda CO, CU7S to K4, Otu 250 CZ250, 260. 400

Overall length 9 Indies

Diameter of eioin body 2 Inches snaprIng endcap perforated steel

For easy instoNeKen a damp 1« provided — no springs or welding necessary

Overall length 9 Indies

Diameter of eioin body 2 Inches snaprIng

BOOBY TRAP by the kentucky rifleman

A very effective and versatile exploding booby trap can be made from parts available at-any hardware store.

This device can be used as a fragmentation wine, flare launcher» tear gas projector, or as a directional mine or set gun.

Cut the breechblock down until ft will Just fit intd the coupling and make It Just long enough to make the barrel (long pipe nipple) fit snugly when loaded with the shotgun shell. Take the breechblock out and drill a 1/8" hole through the exact center. Cut the nail to

All that's left Is to load the shotgun shell Into the barrel and screw the barrel Into the other end of the couplIng.


This device fires as soon as the pin Is pulled! For safety, don't load the shotgun shell until you have the trap set up.


Basic Unit


You will need these items:

- J/V pipe coupling. ^ J/V pipe nipple I*" long (or longer) .

- spring, any size as long as It's strong enough.

- round steel piece approx.1"x I".

I - 12 ga. shotgun,flare,or tear gas shell.

The cut-t-way drawing.shows how the device Is put together. Start by screwing the coupling to the end of the 2" pipe nipple as tightly as possible.

1/8" longer than the breechblock and file the end round and smooth so that It wl11 hit the exact center of the shotgun shell primer, otherwise the shell won't go off.

Drill a 1/8" hole in the side of the 2" nipple about 1/2" behind where the nipple and coupling join.

Hake the spring long enough to push the hammer against the breechblock.

To assemble:

Start with the coupling-short nipple assembly, and Install the breechblock. Next, push the cotter pin Into the hole in the short nipple, then slide the hammer down the nipple to rest against the cotter pin. Now set the spring against the hammer, and compress It with the cap and screw the cap down tight.

You can set this one off yourself by a pull wire, or rig trip wires or use your own ideas.

A good way to mount this device Is to weld or braze a large wood screw to the cap and screw It to a tree,fence post,or corner of a building (see drawing). A muffler clamp can be used to mount to metal posts and fences.

To make a fragmentat ion bomb, saw,file,or grind grooves in the barrel and put a second pipe cap on the end (see drawing).

The range and spread of the shot can be varied by making the barrel 1onger.

If you handload shotgun shells, you can make the whole thing much more powerful by overloading the shell with powder.

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