9. Place safety fuse in delay fuse hole so that it is Hush against the match tips.

IMPORTANT: Be sure fuse remains flush against the match tips at all times.

10. Thread fuse through primer hole. Enlarge hole if necessary. Screw modified fuse mechanism back together. Screw combination back into grenade. Grenade modification is now ready for use. Light fuse when ready to use.

Strip four in. (10 cm) of insulation from the ends of 2 solid copper wires. Scrape copper wires with pocket knife until metal is shiny.

Wind one scraped wire tightly on one jaw of the clothespin, and the other wire on the other jaw.

Make a hole in one end of the flat piece of wood using a knife, heated nail or drill Tie strong string or wire through the hole.




»'••h m mm

5. Place flat piece of wood between jaws of the clothespin switch.

Basic Firing Circuit

clotmcspim switch


When the flat piece of wood is removed by pulling the string, the jaws ot the clothespin will close completing the circuit,

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