double pin

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Z. Pipí y I- W Hoi.« Dmucao in €mo(tXp rw. Jyw~mt)

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cotter pin (optional)

-pipe safety

If you worry about the pin falling out and the weapon 'arming',you can drill the open ends of the staple-

point B wi 11 prevent the mechanism from sliding apart or closing to the firing position. But the shell can ¡^d'pin ind fit them with small still come Into contact with the fir- mtt*r olns. This step ing pin and possibly dIscharge.The best method,I think,would be to use a double safety shaped like a large staple which would engage at both points. This would not be any slower to remove for firing than the single pin, and is truly double safe removable cotter pins. This step will* however, greatly increase the time needed to take the weapon 'off safe' and make it ready to use.

Editor's Note: A rubber band around piece #3 would also hold the '(/' shaped safety in place._

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