80° and 90° and are prepared by putting the materials together under water in wooden tanks and blowing in live steam. The water is sometimes acidulated with sulfuric acid to insure the removal of all metallic picrates. An explosive made by mixing 88 parts of picric acid with 12 parts of melted paraffin or stearic acid, and then rolling and graining, gives a compact charge when loaded by compression. It is nearly as powerful and brisant

Figure 49. Commercial Sample of Ammonium Picrate (25X).

Figure 49. Commercial Sample of Ammonium Picrate (25X).

as picric acid, and responds satisfactorily to the impulse of the detonator, but is distinctly less sensitive to mechanical shock.

Ammonium Picrate

Ammonium picrate is less sensitive to shock than picric acid. It is not easily detonated by fulminate, but is commonly used with a booster of powdered and compressed picric acid or tetryl. The pure substance occurs in two forms, a stable form which is of a

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