5. Boil water and pour it over earth in bucket a little at a time. Allow water to run through holes in bucket into shallow container. Be sure water goes through all of the earth. Allow drained liquid to cool and settle for 1 to 2 hours.

NOTE: Do not pour all of the water at once, since this may cause stoppage.

6. Carefully drain off liquid into heat resistant container. Discard any sludge remaining in bottom of the shallow container.

Improvised Strainer

7. Boil mixture over hot fire for at least 2 hours. Small grains of salt will begin to appear in the solution. Scoop these out as they form, using any type of improvised strainer (paper, etc.).


Resistant Container

Heat Source

8. When liquid has boiled down to approximately half its original volume, remove from fire and let sit. After half an hour add an equal volume of alcohol. When mixture is poured through paper, small white crystals will collect on top of it.





9. To purify the potassium nitrate,- re-desolve the dry crystals in the smallest possible amount of boiled water. Remove any salt crystals that appear (Step 7) ; pour through an improvised filter made of several pieces of paper and evaporate or gently heat the concentrated solution to dryness.

10. Spread crystals on flat surface and allow to dry. The potassium nitrate crystals are now ready for use.

Section I

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