1. Bury launching tube In ground at desired angle so that bottom of tube is at least 2 ft. <60 cm) underground. Adjust the number of increments in rear finned end of mortar projectile. See following table for launching angle and number of increments used.

2. When ready to fire, withdraw safety wire from mortar projectile. Drop projectile into launching tube, FINNED END FIRST.

Launching Tube

Finned End

Safety Wire

Safety Wire

Charge Increment«

Mortar Projectile

CAUTION: Be sure bore riding pin is In place in fuse when mortar projectile is dropped into tube. A live mortar round could explode in the tube if the fit is loose enough to permit the bore riding pin to come out partway.

Bore Riding Pii

CAUTION: The round will fire as soon as the projectile is dropped into tube. Keep all parts of boty behind the open end of the tub*.

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