Figure 84. Determination of the Velocity of Detonation of Dynamite by the Dautriche Method. (Courtesy Hercules Powder Company.) Compare Figure 9, page 17.

which is practical) have been reported. Naouin, working with

charges in an iron pipe 34 nun. in internal diameter and at a density of loading of 1.30, found for nitroglycerin guhr dynamite a velocity of detonation of 5650 meters per second, and, under the same conditions, for nitroglycol guhr dynamite one of 6000 meters per second.

Dynamites, like guhr dynamite and straight dynamite, which contain nitroglycerin in the subdivided but liquid state communicate explosion from cartridge to cartridge more readily, and in general are more easy to initiate, than blasting gelatin and gelatin dynamite in which no liquid nitroglycerin is present. A cartridge of guhr dynamite 30 mm. in diameter will propagate its explosion through a distance of 30 cm. to a similar cartridge.

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