tates loading into munitions. It is not affccted by explosion of high explosives and may even be mixed with same in shell.

In lacrimatory power, chloracetophenone is about equal to brom-benzyl cyanide. Thus, it produces lacrimation in concentrations as low as 0.0003 mg. per liter while a concentration of 0.0045 mg. per liter is intolerable and a concentration of 0.85 mg. per liter is lethal on 10 minutes' exposure.

Chart VIII.—Manufacture of chloracetophenone (flow aheet).

In addition to its lacrimatory effect, chloracetophenone is a decided irritant to the upper respiratory passages; in higher concentrations, it w irritating to the skin, producing a burning and itching sensation, especially on moist parts of the body. These effects are very similar to sunburn, are entirely harmless, and disappear in a few hours.

Although chloracetophenone can be effectively dispersed by explosion, it is very much more effective when it is distilled into the air by the heat of a burning composition. A very efficient dispersion results when one part of chloracetophenone is intimately mixed with three parts of small-

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