explodes if heated to about 160®. Dinitrodimethylsulfamide has been suggested as an addition to PETN for the preparation of a fusible explosive which can be loaded by pouring.

Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (Cyclonite, Hexogen, T4).

The name of cyclonite, given to this explosive by Clarence J. Bain because of its cyclic structure and cyclonic nature, is the one by which it is generally known in the United States. The Germans call it Hexogen, the Italians T4.

Ffouma 91. George C. Hale. Has studied cyclonite, ethylenedinitramine, and many other explosives. Author of numerous inventions and publications in the field of military powder and explosives. Chief Chemist, Pica-tinny Arsenal, 1921-1929; Chief of the Chemicu! Department, Picutinny Arsenal, 1929—.

Cyclonite, prepared by the nitration of hexamethylenetetra-mine, is derived ultimately from no other raw material® than coke, air, and water. It has about the same power and brisance as PETN, and a velocity of detonation under the most favorable conditions of about 8500 meters per second.

Hexamethylenetetramine, CcHuNj, is obtained in the form of colorless, odorless, and practically tasteless crystals by the evapo-

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