Figure 24. Details of Construction of Rocket and of Other Pieces, Audot. 1818. The rocket case, already crimped or constricted, is placed upon the

spindle (broche); the first portion of the propelling charge is introduced and pounded firmly into place by means of a mallet and the longest of the drifts pictured in the upper right-hand corner; another portion of the charge is introduced, a shorter drift is used for tamping it, and so on until the case is charged as shown at the extreme left. A tourbillion (table rocket or artichoke) and a mine charged with serpents of fire are also shown.

one ounce and a half. It does not matter what charcoal it is; that of light wood is best, particularly of wood of the vine.

For rockets weighing two ounces. Take of the above-said powder four ounces and a half, of saltpeter one ounce.

Otherwise for the same weight. Take powder two ounces, of soft charcoal half an ounce.

Composition for rockets weighing from 4 to 8 ounces. Take powder as above seventeen ounces, of saltpeter four ounces, of soft charcoal four ounces.

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