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hit right hand by having youi thumb on the bocW of hii hond

ond ore bendmg hit Hand toword the inside of his wrist.

Me is, however, ot your mercy because you still have control of his writt and can continue to opply pmiurr, or change to tome other but equally punching. grip.

This method of releasing yourself from a choking grip utilizes the wrist throw. Thumb on back of hand and fingers to the palm.

This shows how your fingers should be in the palm of his hand and the thumbs on the back. This picture shows the extreme twist that is given the attacker's arm.

ONE MORE release from being choked. This Jiu-Jitsu number looks spectacular but it is easy to perform. Actually a small person can release himself from, and throw, a much larger and stronger person by this method.

The advantage of having several counter-attacks for any one type of attack lies in the fact that different circumstances will often indicate that use of one certain defense is more likely to succeed than any other.

I repeot thot this it on easy number lo use —but it con-not be used successfully without adequate practice.

and your force will free your throat from the grip of your enemy.

If you make your lift with the hip and the pull with your hands simultaneously,

With this number you release yourself from an assailant's clutch

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