United States Combination Hand-and-rifle Grenade, M-II (Fig. 12.)

This grenade consisted chiefly of the following parts: the body (and rod), the gaine, and the firing mechanism.

The body of the grenade, cylindrical in form, was about 3% in. long and 2}i in. in diameter. It was made of tinned plate and was capped on either end with dished tinned-plate stampings somewhat heavier than (he metal forming the body. To the lower cap, forming the base, was soldered a steel base plate approximately in. thick. This steel plate was tapped to receive a rod 15 in. long and of the proper diameter to fit the bore of the service rifle. The rod was used only when the grenade was projected with a rifle. The rods were issued detached from the grenades in the ratio of 60 per cent of the grenades.

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