THE NATURAL inclination when held from the rear is to struggle and strain wildly in a confused attempt to break the attacker's grip. The hold can be broken very simply and easily though, by following the directions of this lesson, and at the finish the aggressor ends up on the ground. This is the first number in this book which makes use of the hip throw which is an important part of a great many Jiu-Jitsu operations.

A* you can see, this lesson only applies when your arms ore no! pinned to your sid* by your assailant. In those cases we use a different Jiu-Jilsu release.

Attackers very frequently try to overpower their victims by seizing them from behind.

If this should happen to you do not waste your strength or time trying to turn around.

Bring your lefl arm over underneath his arm right at his elbow and

You have telaincd your lock on his arm and your grip on his thumb.

lock his arm in by resting the fingers of your left hand on your right arm just above your elbow.

You can throw him very hard or you are able, if you coro to, to break his fall somewhat.

Now, using the hip throw, you are going to throw him fast ond hard. To do this you

Don't let go of his thumb yet bccouse you're going to wont lo keep control of anyone who has attacked you from behind.

-» v

wrapping the first two fingers of your right hand around his thumb with the bock of your hand toward you.

In breaking this hold you must obtain o strong grasp on the attocker's right thumb by

shift your hips to the extreme right as you simultaneously bend -oyer and ¡erk him forward.

Once he is on the ground release his thumb and very quickly grasp his first and second fingers in one of your hands. With your other hand

wrapping the first two fingers of your right hand around his thumb with the bock of your hand toward you.

With the powerful leverage you are exerting on his arm he'll leave the ground easily.

grip his third ond fourlh fingers. Wilh the palm of his hand bent far back from his wrist spread his fingers opart and bend them back. This will hold him.

Your fingers should extend as for down the base of his rhumb as they will reach. Stretch his arm lo the full limit at the same time roising it owoy up in fhe air.

Actually the larger the man the easier it is to throw him over this way.

This jiu-jitsu number looks somewhal difficult bul in reality is simple to apply. With a little practice you'll hove no trouble.

If his hand is so tightly closed that it is You use only your thumb and first two difficult to grasp his thumb, close your fingers to grip his thumb. To do this cor-right hand and use your big knuckle to rectly you must hold far down toward the bore into the nerve on the back of his hand, big knuckle of his thumb and at on angle.

He'll open his hand, quickly. Your fingers should point down over the large joint of his thumb.

With his arm locked in like this you are all set to throw him over by the hip throw. Keep the pressure severe enough in this position so that he is in pain and will not try to hit you with his free hand.

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