Figure 78. Bernhart Troxler. (Greystone Studios, Inc.) Introduced many innovations into the manufacture of smokeless powder and improved the design of equipment in such manner as to increase production while re-

during the hazard—the steam-air-dry process for double-base powder, methods of coating, apparatus for solvent recovery, water drying, and air drying of single-base powder without transferring the powder during the three operations. His whole professional life has been devoted to smokeless powder, with the Laflin and Rand Powder Company until 1913, and afterwards with the Hercules Powder Company from the time when that company waa organized and built its first smokeless powder line.


The spontaneous decomposition of nitrocellulose in the air produces nitrous and nitric acids which promote a further decomposition. If these products however are removed continuously, the uncatalyzcd decomposition is extremely slow, and smokeless powder may be stabilized by the addition to it of a substance which reacts with these acids and removes them, provided neither the substance itself nor the products of its reaction with the acids attacks the nitrocellulose.

Vieille suggested the use of amyl alcohol as a stabilizer, and powder containing this material was used in France until 1911

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