inversion of a process which, in principle, was first applied by the American physicist Langmuir (Phys. J., vol. 14, p. 1273) in the formula p c Pi

In this formula S signifies the persistency of the chemical agent, e.\ the rapidity of volatilization of water at 15°C., c the rapidity of volatilization of the chemical at the absolute temperature T, px the vapor pressure of water at 15°C., p the vapor pressure of the substance at the temperature T, Mi the molecular weight of the water, M that of the substance, T the absolute temperature of the air, 7*, the absolute temperature corresponding to the Celcius temperature of 15°.

Persistency of Some Typical Chemical Agents (That of Wafer at 15° Assumed as 1)

Chemical agent

Phvsi-cal state

Temperature, °C.

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