4. Cut a 3/8 in. (9-1/2 mm) deep groove in top of stock.

5. Screw couplings onto pipe. Screw plug into one coupling.


6. Securely attach pipe to stock using string or tape.

7. Follow procedures of Section III, No. 1, steps 10 and 11.

8. (Optional) Bend bolt for trigger. Drill hole in stock and place bolt in hole so strap will be anchored by bolt when pulled back. If* bolt is not available, use strap as trigger by pulling back and releasing.

Metal Strap




9. Follow SAFETY CHECK, Section 111. No. 1


a. Remove plug from rear coupling, b. Wrap string or elastic band around extractor groove so case will seat into barrel securely.

c. Place cartridge in pipe.

Extractor Groove

d. Replace plug,

a. Pull metal strap back and anchor in trigger.

b. Pull trigger when read)' to fire

NOTE: If bolt is not used, pull strap back and release. 3. To remove cartridge case:

a. Remove plug from rear coupling.

b. Insert rod into front of pistol and push cartridge case out.

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