Improvised 40mm Grenade Launcher

3. Slowly push rod into barrel until it rests against the cartridge case and grenade is in can. If the grenade is not in the can. remove rod and cut to proper size. Push rod back into barrel.



Improvised Grenade Pipe

4. With can holding safety lever of grenade in place, carefully remove safety pin.

CAUTION: Be sure that the sides of the can restrain the grenade safety lever. If the safety lever should be released for any reasonr grenade will explode after regular grenade delay time.

5. To fire grenade launcher* rest gun in ground at angle determined by range desired. A 4$ degree angle should give about ISO meters <160 yds.)

Method II - When improvised pipe grenade is used:

An Improvised pipe grenade (Section II. No. 1) may be launched in a similar manner. No tin can Is needed.

Wooden Block

Wooden Block

•Pipe Grenade

1. Fasten the grenade to the block as shown above with the fuse hols at the end opposite the block.

2. Push end of push-rod into hole in wooden block fastened to grenade.

3. Push rod into barrel until it rests against cartridge case.

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