which handle a gross of the 1-ounce or 3-ounce rocketĀ« at a time but only three of the 6-pound size. The presses exert a total pressure of 9 tons on the three spindles when the 6-pound rockets are being loaded.

Rockets of the smaller sizes, for use as toys, are closed at the top with plugs of solid clay and are supplied with conical paper caps. They produce the spectacle only of a trail of sparks streak-

Fiqure 25. Loading Rockets by Means of an Hydraulic PreĀ«.

ing skyward. Rockets are generally equipped with sticks to give them balance and direct their flight and are then fired from a trough or frame, but other rockets have recently come on the market which are equipped with vanes and are fired from a level surface while standing in a vertical position.

Large exhibition rockets are equipped with heads which contain stars of various kinds (see below), parachutes, crackers (see grasshoppers), serpents (compare Figure 23), and so on. In these,

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