with periods of trempage in warm water at temperatures some times as high as 80°.

Powder for small arms is generally glazed with graphite, by which treatment its attitude toward the loss and absorption of moisture is improved, and by which also it is made electrically conducting so that it can be blended without danger from static

Figure 77. Smokeless Powder Blending Tower. The powder is blended by being made to flow through troughs and bins. Lots as large as 50,000 pounds of rifle powder and 125,000 pounds of cannon powder have been blended in this tower.

electricity and loaded satisfactorily by a volumetric method. The powder is blended in order that large lots can be made up which will be ballistically uniform, and hence that the proof firing, the operations of loading, and the calculations of the artilleryman may all be either simplified in kind or reduced in amount. Powder in short cylindrical grains, such as is used in the United States, is particularly easy to blend, but the blending of strips, or of long tubes or cords, is obviously difficult or impracticable. The finished powder is stored and shipped in airtight boxes which contain 110-150 pounds.

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