denly with a terrifying roar at the moment of its maximum splendor. If loaded at the hydraulic press with a tapered spindle (as is necessary), it finishes its burning with a fountain which grows smaller and smaller and finally fades out entirely.


Driving tubes or drivers, attached to the periphery of a wheel or to the sides of a square or hexagon of wood which is pivoted at its center, by shooting out jets of fire, cause the device to rotate and to produce various ornamental effects according to the compositions with which they are loaded. When the fire reaches the bottom of one driver, it is carried by quickmatch to the top of the next. Drivers are loaded in the same manner as gerbs, the compositions being varied slightly according to the size as is done with rockets. A gross of the 1-ounce and 2-ounce sizes in

Figure 31. Matching Display Wheels, present American practice is loaded at one time by the hydraulic press. Tvpical wheel turning compositions (Allen F. Clark) for

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